Junior Doctors' Strike: Key Questions Answered

Junior Doctors' Strike: Key Questions Answered

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The Health Secretary says NHS care needs to extend to seven days but the junior doctors say it can't be done without extra money.
3 Sep 2016 - General
Where I worked, I've seen Junior doctors' strike and did not attend work. On that day, as a nurse, we may have not been greatly affected as the Senior Surgeons/Consultants ended up having to do the procedures in our day surgery unit. However in my own opinion, if the argument is about stretching a 5 day work to 7 day work, for emergent/urgent cases, I don't see any argument about it. The public needs care 7 days a week and so medical assistance should be readily available as well. As...
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Another potential industrial action proposed by junior doctors working in NHS in United Kingdom, with a week of “full withdrawal of labour”!!!There were six previous strikes taken place before, due to the on-going dispute and disagreement between the junior doctors and the Health Secretary, with regards to the contract of implementation of seven-day working week across the NHS. It seems like it will be on-going dispute that will never be easily revolved by both parties. What are your opinions of...
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