How to Dress for Men - Medical Field Interview

How to Dress for Men - Medical Field Interview

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The Medical Interview - How to Dress Sharp for Healthcare Professionals We tend to think of hospitals as uniformed places -- nurses in scrubs, doctors in coats, and so on. But different institutions often use different dress codes, and can require varying levels of formality depending on the ci
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Mark Edmon Tan ah thank you for tagging me to have me share my take on fashion for interview purposes hehe. Generally we should look professional. This is a very loose term and can be portrayed differently. I see it as to expect that how you dress is how you are viewed as and how you will be treated. Starting from the top down: hair should be kept neat and if your hair is frizzy better tie it; makeup is an option...
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Doctors have to look the part and act the part. We also get judged by how we look, especially with potential employers. Dressing up for an interview is mandatory because it conveys a high respect for the position and the institution you are applying for. Scrubs and crocs are a no-no as stated in the article. Jeans will be too casual as will a t-shirt. For starters, a jacket, button down shirt, tie,and trousers with dress shoes are a good start. Accessorising with pocket squares will add a little...
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Clothing for a medical job interview is largely a matter of personal choice but nevertheless the concept of “power dressing” should be adhered to as far as possible. You must look completely professional and appropriate for the medical post that you are applying for. For men, a pristine white shirt with dark suit, with a leather gleaming dark pair of shoe will always be the safe option. The choice of tie will be important for men, with the “classic” tie like woven silk or plain silk with simple ...
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