Filipinos encouraged to shift to brown rice consumption

Filipinos encouraged to shift to brown rice consumption

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The Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) has spearheaded a social media campaign, Brown4Good, hoping to rope in more Filipinos into shifting to brown rice consumption which will not only benefit health, but boost farmers’ incomes as well.
3 Sep 2016 - General
This is about time for the Philippines. Our diet is heavy on refined carbohydrates such as suman (glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves served with coco jam or sugar), bibingka (rice cake with butter, cheese,and salted egg, biko (glutinous rice with caramel topping), puto (steamed rice bread similar to mantao), and other refined-rice snacks. We also have unlimited rice bundles with meals in some restaurants that encourage to consume more white rice. This is making us gain weight without the ad...
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Ooohh. I am not a fan of brown rice and I still buy and eat the white ones. But I am greatly surprised that I have friends who really consume brown rice. This is a nice to know thing that brown is greater than the white. I'd be more than happy enough to support the campaign using social media as to encourage my other friends to support it too. Not only to mention the benefits of it in our health, at the same time we get to support and boost the economy of our fellow local farmers. As mention...
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Brown rice has been used widely in Singapore for the past 5-7 years and have been increasing in demand since then. Although the price is very much more then the normal rice, people in Singapore are switching to brown rice due to the benefits of the rice. Due to the increase awareness in healthier choice of food, a lot of the citizens are switching to healthier choice of food such as organic food and eating more vegetables and fruit to have a balanced diet. Many kinds of diseases and illnesses ar...
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As what my mother told me, white rice is brown rice with the outer shell removed. When you removed the outer shell of the rice you are also removing the fiber, nutrients, and enzymes needed to help you digest the rice and you are left with just the starch which actually has no nutritional value. Brown rice is a very important source of fiber that is necessary to improve health in general and digestion particular. Aside from our helping aide in digestion, brown rice boasts cardiovascular and gast...
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