Fall prediction in elderly??

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3 Sep 2016 - General

I recently overheard in the radio that there is a new study on fall prediction in elderly that predicts when is your next fall in the next 2 weeks or so, I tried looking for a link for the study but was unable to look for one. It is happening in Europe and is still on-going. Basically the do postural measurements of the individual, pace them, measuring their speed and velocity of their sway and so forth. 

Does any of you know about this? If you do please share. 

Also, they were saying on radio that cameras will be installed in homes to monitor their activities for the analyst to predict their next fall. Honestly I find this unrealistic and not practical. A person might be unstable in gait but does not mean that they will fall all the time. Because, by the time we assess the patient's gait, we would already come to a conclusion that the particular patient must not be left alone. Therefore reducing the risk for fall. I think this is just another publicity stunt to generate income for themselves by using the elderly. We have been using own old fashion way of assess a patient's fall risk for many years and it has worked well unless negligence is involved. I do not support the idea of this as it is just another time waster and bottom line is the elderly needs assistance. 

What are your thoughts if this was implemented in the healthcare industry in your county? Would you agree? And why?

Like, Really? I don't find it necessary to implement this in our country. This is not what our country needs. Our country faces a lot of problems and needs to prioritize. Besides, it is not really practical as what you have said. I totally agree with you Allan. Conducting a study about this is just waste of time. If the patient fall at a certain time for example it is maybe because he/she losses balance or has a deformity or is disabled (e.g. eye problem). If this happen, we can always asse...
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This is kind of an unrealistic method to be applied in the medical world. I mean we can never predict whether that person will fall in a time of span. We can never measure what is going to happen and I guess accidents does not have any time allowance. Maybe they can be able to predict someone which is high risk to fall particularly if that elderly has maybe poor gait or gesture, living alone at home, how cautious is that elderly to move and perform actions, there is a lot to be considered. Maybe...
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