Slideshow: Ditch These 12 Hangover Myths Now

Slideshow: Ditch These 12 Hangover Myths Now

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WebMD helps you separate myth from fact as we examine popular hangover avoidance techniques, morning-after remedies, and other widely held hangover beliefs.
3 Sep 2016 - General
Hangover is a telltale of dehydration. I read a tip on counting tabs of the number of alcohol drinks. One jigger and one bottle of beer have the same equivalent so there is really no "safe" drink. Keeping count of the drinks makes me a more responsible drinker and allows me to rehydrate with the following formula: 1 drink = 2 glasses (200ml) of water. I try to rehydrate as early as possible often after deciding to stop drinking in an event. I follow up the rehydration deficit immediate...
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Hangovers are the worst. Basically it's either you drink below or above your limit and if you do not know your limit then you're gonna be hit hard. The last time I had a bad hangover was over a few beers. I'm used to measuring my beer consumption by bottle, so it's easy to track. That time we were drinking flavoured house beer and I think I didn't eat so much (which was weird because we had lots of food on the table). I went home fine, but the next day I just couldn't fun...
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Really interesting. Priscilla Mae, if only we have read this during our college years! Tsk. Nahhhhh. Alcohol intake no more. Haha!
But, I am willing to share what i read in this article. Most especially on the caffeine intake. My brothers everytime they are having hangovers they prefer having a hot cup of coffee. I guess it really depends on the persons tolerance. Now, I can confidently suggest that it is best just to take energy drinks or water. Lol. Or just take a pain killers. All the whi...
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A pretty bad hangover can ruin all the fun that you had the day before at a party with your friends. Of course one can't say it is not a big deal, because it really is. Taking more alcohol than the amount your liver can metabolize will cause increased concentration of alcohol in blood, which is the main reason for the neurological effects it brings like nausea, vomiting and headache. It is the dehydration and loss of electrolytes caused by increased production of urine and also water loss du...
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Here's another interesting article for everyone in the community who loves to party and ending up to throw up with hang over the next day! I was surprised that sex has something to do with the effect of alcohol in our bodies. All the while I thought that it depends on your alcohol tolerance regardless you are a male or a female. So being a male is already an advantage huh! hehe. We usually tend to eat a lot after being drunk! And in my personal experience, I avoid eating too much as because ...
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