How to Make Pores Disappear with Only 1 Ingredient! - Healthy Life Star

How to Make Pores Disappear with Only 1 Ingredient! - Healthy Life Star

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People with oily skin often have large and visible pores they hate. Because of this, these people try to make their pores less visible by shrinking them. Of course, there are many products you can buy over the counter that tighten skin and decrease the appearance of large pores, but also here is the possibility of preparing your own natural remedies at home to solve this problem. You should try: Water and Baking Soda Combine 2 tablespoons of each baking soda and water and mix well. Then, apply the resulted paste on your face and leave it to dry for
4 Sep 2016 - General
Jemelyn Mae Sodusta Thanks for sharing this beauty article. I hope that I can follow and try this strictly. Never tried any facial beauty products other than facial cleansers and moisturizers. Maybe let us try some other days together! Hehe. Maria Cristina Inserto I have to agree with you that we will be responsible with our skin ...
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Maria Cristina Inserto I can't agree with you more. If you want to look pore-less in your photos, there are camera apps and photo editing software that can make your face shine like an apple in no time. And if you want to go public and want to have a nice face, you always have makeup. There are those pulp like applications that you put on your face to fill those holes right? :D When you are at home with your f...
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Or... you can use the 360 app on your phones and it will look like you have no pores at all. Hahaha. The truth is this, I admire the women (and men) who have the power and energy to follow strict beauty regimen because I have no patience for it. I am a soap and water kind of girl (sometimes I use facial wash) and when I'm not too busy I moisturize. I know I will pay for this in the future so I wish I could be more responsible for my skin. I doubt that I would ever try any of these products, ...
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I never tried any of the ingredients listed in the article but i want to try the eggwhite and lime. But i'm a bit reluctant to use lime. As far as what i have known lime has this whitening effect on the skin. But is it not bad to our face? Coz, we have this thin skin. I'm a bit afraid. Aside from that, I've heard many feedbacks on blogs, youtubers etc. about baking soda. As what they claim it is effective when you want to whiten your skin, teeth, or anything you wanted to whiten. Na...
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