Asian and African countries face Zika risk due to high volume of people travelling there

Asian and African countries face Zika risk due to high volume of people travelling there

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The World Health Organisation has declared the virus a global public health emergency.
4 Sep 2016 - General
Mosquito born diseases can spread rapidly in places with dense population. With increased population their are mire hosts that can harbour the vaccine. Also environmental pollution is very high im highly populated areas so there are more mosquito breeding places so the transmission can increase hugely. And as mentioned in the comments urban communities have little hygienic practices and limited access to healthcare facilities, so when infected people may not get prompt treatment and can spread t...
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Zika is spreading like wild fire now. It has been known that Asia has many patients newly diagnosed with the Zika virus. A lot of which were foreigners but locals are involved too. One thing that should be watched upon are pregnant women. It would be a sad thing if a pregnant women is diagnosed with Zika, hence affecting the baby and depressing the expecting mother psychologically. I think the government need to step up to do something about current and possible site of mosquito breeding areas,...
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With the global transportation with flight, Zika virus has become a global public health emergency. A lot of countries in Asia and Africa are very vulnerable to Zika virus outbreak because of the local presence of specific mosquitoes that are capable of transmitting Zika virus. In addition, a lot of countries in Africa and Asia has large concentrated population but limited health care resource to deal with a big outbreak. Health education would be beneficial for travellers returning from affecte...
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