Surgical Management of Ulcerative Colitis

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4 Sep 2016 - General

For patient with ulcerative colitis, the ultimate aim is to safe the large bowel with all the medical treatments available. But, when all the medical management fails, or if patient developled complications like perforation or dysplasia, a total colectomy with either ileostomy or ileoanal pouch will be managment of choice. Ileal pouch consists of double loop of ileum, fashioned into a pouch and stapled to the rectal stump and stripped of its mucosa, preserving the anal sphinter. Having a pouch can also predispose to the complication of pouch like pouchitis. Most patients with ulcerative colitis will have the fear of having surgical operation to remove the bowel, and hence patient education is very important to alleviate their fear. Education about the ileostoma and pouch is very important as well, prior to the operation. Usually, stoma care specialist nurse and inflamamtory bowel disease specialist nurse will be closely involved with patient care and education,

Surgical treatment is tried as the definitive treatment modality for ulcerative colitis but not all the patients who have been diagnosed to have it might not end up with facing a surgery. There are several indications to undergo the removal of the colon. Patients who get failed with the medical management, patients who develop toxic megacolon as a complication will undergo the excision of the colon. To cure the inflammation of the colon patients are being treated with steroids. With the long ter...
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