Science shows 6 reasons why more sex is good for health

Science shows 6 reasons why more sex is good for health

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Millennials are found to be engaging in less sexual intercourse than their parents; the baby boomers. This is a worrying trend, as sex not only feels good, but it also boosts psychological and physiological health in a myriad of ways
4 Sep 2016 - General
It definitely improves sleep. Hahaha.. Well, jokes aside, I knew it is a form of exercise and is a form of a cardio exercise. But i did not know it had more to it such as lowering blood pressure. So does this mean those with hypertension should engage more in coitus to have this benefit? Does this article also encourage pre-marital sex in a relationship? Cause i thought a lot of people are against it. Given the fact that that it increases fertility, shouldn't coitus be discourage in college ...
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There are truly many benefits of coitus for the body. The release of endorphins after an orgasm is a good example as it helps improve mood for at least 8 hours. I did not know that it could strengthen the immune system by increasing IgA in the body. I feel though that the article left out one important piece of information with the article. Coitus is a very healthy form of exercise when done with the same partner. Engaging in sexual intercourse outside of the spouse and in unfamiliar territories...
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An addition to my previous article posted about having coitus once a week makes couple even happier and satisfied with their married life. This article encourages married people to have frequent intercourse for better health. First would be it is good for your heart. Maybe that's why patients who have just recovered from myocardial infarction are encourage if they are able to tolerate two flights of stair before resuming sexual activities. Anyhow sudden death followed by coitus accounts only...
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