Not just for healthy bones: Calcium found to impact learning & memory

Not just for healthy bones: Calcium found to impact learning & memory

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Commonly known for bone and teeth health, calcium was recently discovered to have more benefits in the neural sector that helps with mental processes such as learning and memory.
4 Sep 2016 - General
Now this gets a bit tricky. Calcium supplementation has an impact with learning and memory development but has a negative effect as it causes dementia for the elderly. Of note, organic sources of calcium do not cause dementia and should be the chosen source of increasing calcium intake. Drinking 2 glasses of milk per day will cover the recommended dietary calcium intake. Eating calcium rich food such as cheese and other dairy products will also ensure adequate calcium intake. Unfortunately, milk...
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If Calcium was found to impact learning and memory, I guess it would be good to include prescribing calcium supplements or modifying the diet (Rich in Calcium) of patients living with Dementia as it could help make the disease progress slower. That is just a thought but open for discussion. :) It was written in the article that "every Asian country has its own flavours and dishes, milk is rarely used, even as a flavouring." I am surprised that milk is rarely used as normally we would u...
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Calcium is an important mineral that is very essential for many functions in our body. It is necessary to maintain heathy bone and teeth, and also shown to be vital in neurons sector associated with learning and memory. Traditionally, population in Asia countries have low calcium intake due to the diet which lack of milk and dairy products. In addition, lactose intolerance is quite common among the population. Ensuring sufficient calcium intake by adding the calcium rich food like calcium forti...
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