Slideshow: Anti-Aging Complexion Care

Slideshow: Anti-Aging Complexion Care

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Everybody knows how to wash their face, right? Well, maybe! Take a look at this WebMD slideshow to learn the basics of washing and moisturizing skin.
4 Sep 2016 - General
The article has pretty much covered up great habits to maintain a young-looking skin. I agree that one should start early to keep the skin youthful as you can no longer retard aging process once it sets in. In a nutshell, starting a good skin regimen at the age of 24 will often result to a younger looking skin at the age of 50 compare to one who started a regimen at the age of 30. It is great to see smoking in this article. In my experience, smoking has really accelerated the aging process, with...
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I am guilty for not being consistent with my skin care regime and there would be nights when I will knowingly skip my night cream. I agree with everything that was written in this article and I think it is just right that we look after our skin before we start regretting why we haven't done so when we had the chance. It may consume some of our time but it will definitely be rewarding by the time we age 40 or so. Like other celebrities (Filipino), isn't it amazing how they look so young e...
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It is never too late and being in my mid 20's, better to start late than be sorry! I am guilty of this, not being able to well take care of my skin and I'm now on my mid 20's, gosh! Hydration and moisturizers should be with me all the time. Protective sun screens should also be included in our beauty regimen because although we used to work indoors, the rays of the sun can still get into the windows and eventually reach our skin. Cool over warm water must be another pick for us. Warm...
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