5 secrets every pharmacist knows

5 secrets every pharmacist knows

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Pharmacists are there to help us with our medications and other healthcare needs. But just as the president or the guy across the street has his own secret, pharmacists do have them, too. Here are 5 secrets every pharmacist know that may help you, too.
4 Sep 2016 - General
Actually, sir Mark Edmon Tan , as long as a generic has been proven to be bioequivalent to its branded counterpart based on the BA/BE test results and biowaiver, then the onset should be th...
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Kathleen Peralta Very true! haha sometimes doctors cannot even read another doctor's handwriting too! There are just some people with illegible handwriting that makes everyone's jo...
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"Sometimes pharmacists can't read the doctor's handwriting, too" laughing to this statement number 4 as there will always be n issue with doctors handwriting. On a serious note, I agree that it is sometimes difficult to decipher a d...
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In the US, the thing about generics would be reasonable for non-AB rated generics (e.g. the generic EpiPens being non-AB rated), since they have an orange book and we don't have too many resources to conduct BA/BE testing. Brand-specificity, as f...
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