PH: Antique province receives 2 dental health buses

PH: Antique province receives 2 dental health buses

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The Western Visayan province of Antique received two new fully-equipped dental health buses from the Department of Health. The two vehicles are set to conduct rounds in the province's far flung areas, in line with the health department’s goal of strengthening access to dental health.
5 Sep 2016 - General
This is great news! I hope even the furthest village or province can benefit from this services provided by the government in PH. As i believe in equality, every citizen should benefit from it and able to have easy access to these facilities. As we know, in some province of any large country, it is sometimes hard to find amenities like these that can help treat and provide proper health care in the vicinity. I am glad that they came up with this brilliant idea and provide to the less fortunate. ...
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This is good news! Maria Cristina Inserto I have seen this documentary on dental health in the Philippines and there are poor communities outside Manila who do not even know how to brush their teeth! Some kids from these communities even share their toothbrush with their siblings. Its really sad that people are so impoverished that they cannot even afford a toothbrush, let alone a dental consult. I think most pri...
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"According to Vicente Medina, Dean of the University of the Philippines College of Dentistry, 7 out of 10 Filipinos have never visited a dentist, and 87 percent have tooth decay." I know this very well because when I see people for PEE and APE in the multispecialty clinic I work for and I ask them, "When was your last visit to the dentist", many would answer "Never". It is a sad fact, but this is the reality that the government really needs to address. Many people a...
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