5 memorable nurses from the movies

5 memorable nurses from the movies

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Nurses hold a rather special place in popular imagination. Nurses are likely to spend more time with the patients than doctors themselves and words like ‘compassion’, ‘empathy’, ‘caring’ and ‘kindness’ are commonly associated with them.
5 Sep 2016 - General
Like Jennifer, I am not familiar with the movies/ characters mentioned except for Greg Focker in Meet the Parents. Also, I didn't take nursing just because of a fictional character. I actually don't know why I took up nursing, that's the problem! haha. Kidding aside, I took up nursing due to practical reasons as it was the highly demanded profession way back early 2000's. Aside from that, most of my friends took up the same course too. So, I guess it is a win-win situation. Back ...
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I am actually not even familiar with most of them but Greg Focker I know of well. Meet the Parents was just one of the many in its genre which you wouldn't call your favorite movie but it is definitely a memorable one. He was ridiculed for being a male nurse but in the end he proved himself well. For fictional nurses I remember well Nurse Ratched from "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" but this wouldn't be a good example for portraying nurses as she was an authoritarian. ...
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For many people, their idea of nurses, and nursing, can come from popular media such as television and movies. I won't be surprised if some nurses were once inspired to become a nurse due to some memorable movie or television drama that they have seen.

Sometimes, dramatic license is taken to make nursing life (or hospital life in general) seem more 'exciting' than reality. The important thing is that in the midst of taking dramatic or comedic license, the real value and imp...
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