Believing in things that did not happen: The science of false memories in relation to stress

Believing in things that did not happen: The science of false memories in relation to stress

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We often think of memory as something firm like a hard drive, where we store information and experiences in great accuracy, clarity and detail. But in truth, even the memories we can recall vividly may not be true.
5 Sep 2016 - General
Maria Cristina Inserto: We can be the most careful driver on the road. We can follow all the rules, drive in the speed limit, take the right turns and keep to our own lanes but there is always a reckless driver who will cause the accident in spite of our good driving skills. I was the driver for several long trips on the highway and expressway and I can attest to that whole heartedly. My good reflex quickly pulls...
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Maria Cristina Inserto good thing that your accident was a minor one and that insurance will cover it. Glad to hear that you are all right. High stress does distort memories of events even if they are recent. This should be taken into consideration when asking the victims of an accident on what truly happened. This is why in crash investigations you can tell on who is at fault for the driver who caused the acciden...
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Oh that is good to hear that your insurance company was helpful. I know they can be a nuisance especially when their customers start to claim. Sometimes, it makes me think that they are quick to collect money from customers but would take long to give it out when needed. I remember a discussion I started before, about insurance. Any form of insurance is indeed helpful, we may not see its benefits instantly after paying a good amount monthly, quarterly or annually but surely very little helps by ...
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Oh I get mini de javus from time to time too. No worries about the accident Kathleen Peralta. The company was quite helpful, despite the stereotype that companies and their insurances will just exhaust you with claims. My car incurred a few dents and scratches--small but it stretched from the front to the passenger door at the back of the driver seat, so that's a lot for them to repair. We really have to tak...
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Sorry to hear about your minor accident, Maria.

To relate with the article, there are moments when I thought something had happened already, and when it actually happens, right then and there, I would think that as "deja vu". I couldn't specify as to what events / experiences were they at this time to be honest, all I know though is they are not situations which caused me stress.

And as the article suggests, we have to take care of both our body and brain. One o...
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Two weeks ago I got into a fairly minor vehicular accident. I was on my way home at 9:30pm (following a long day at work) and was about to turn right to corner, when a cement mixer collided with me on my side (left). Shocked, all I was able to do was to hit the horn unceasingly until he stopped crushing my car's body. The police came. The driver and his companion came out of the truck. I called our driver from home to rescue me. Later on when they were trying to figure out who was at fault, ...
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