Demoralised yet hopeful - Nurses weigh in on salary hike rejection

Demoralised yet hopeful - Nurses weigh in on salary hike rejection

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Down but not out. Demoralized Philippine nurses give their take on the veto of the proposed law aimed at improving their lot. They remain hopeful that their plight will eventually be addressed.
5 Sep 2016 - General
Yes, it was quite sad when it got vetoed right before President Aquino stepped down, but I do see his point. Rather. I think it is about time that a total restructure of the healthcare system be made. Not just to prevent the exit of professionals to other countries, the job we all do is important, and the work is not easy. We all deserve better compensation for services. Even the allocation of fees in HMOs is a pittance, so while cardholders and companies think they're paying us handsomely, ...
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Nursing in general is an unappreciated career and always underpaid. Companies will always try their means to get the cheapest nurses in town to hire. All due to some nurses who are willing to accept such a low rate therefore making a trend for them to lower their budget on nurse's salaries. Hence affecting the whole world. Just for your info, even nurses in Singapore are not compensated well, due to the high demand of hiring cheaper options. As it is expensive here, nurses turn to doing othe...
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"Nurses today are overworked, underpaid, underutilized, and abused in ways that make thousands turn their backs on the profession, or as many are wont to do - search for opportunities overseas where they are more appreciated and respected" I don't understand why the previous administration, specifically the previous President of the Philippines rejected the law to raise salaries. As mentioned in the article, nurses have got families to feed too and they should be compensated rightl...
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