Kid-friendly anti-TB drugs soon in PH

Kid-friendly anti-TB drugs soon in PH

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Filipino parents whose children are afflicted with tuberculosis can now look forward to having reformulated and improved anti-TB drugs specifically made for kids.
5 Sep 2016 - General
The currently available anti tuberculosis drugs are very efficacious. If the patient adheres to the 6 month anti TB treatment regime, it is possible to achieve total clearance of the pathogen from the lungs and the success rates are fairly high, with a few exceptions where infection is caused by multi drug resistant tuberculous bacilli. But the problem with these anti TB drugs are the side effects. Although an adult may tolerate these unwanted effects, it can be really hard for a small child to ...
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Thank you Jemar Nicdao for sharing this article. Having this kid-friendly anti TB drugs will be of great help in our country. As we all know kids doesn't tolerate drinking awful medications. They are making ways to spill it out. So its really useless. Let me qoute a line from this article, "In the Philippines, many infected kids are not getting proper treatment." Thats true and sometimes the patient may have become resistant because of noncompliance of the medicine. I hope that the...
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Looking forward to the arrival of the reformulated drug, and it is expected to roll out January 2017 which is not long to go. Only few months from now, Philippines would be able to start using this child friendly TB medication which would really be helpful in management/treatment of TB in our country. Although health education plays an important role in preventing for this disease to spread, having this drug would be one way to decrease the incidence of TB. With our newly elected leader, I am ho...
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