How do your patients connect with you?

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5 Sep 2016 - General
Since I am a resident trainee, it is preferred that I communicate with patients within the hospital premises. However there are instances wherein text messaging would be unavoidable. I give my on-call number to patients who ask for it, but I usually warn them that if it is an emergency they should proceed to the emergency room because it might take me awhile to reply especially if i am in the operating room. We were also instructed not to give medical opinions or prescriptions through online tra...
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In India, most doctors would not mind giving consultation or advice by mail or message or on video-chatting portal. We yet don't now what the medicolegal implications of this process are. All said and done, there will be some clinical signs which cannot be elicited at the time of online consultation. Advice given at the time of online consultation will have to be accompanied by a disclaimer saying that accurate estimation of the disease process may not be possible at the time of online consu...
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With latest advances in telecommunication, we now have telemedicine. Patient and the doctor can interact remotely through a computer connected to the internet. They can speak to each other, see each other through web cameras, and documents / reports / investigations etc can be exchanged via email. I think telemedicine plays a great role in reducing patient waiting times. You don't have to physically be at the clinic, so while you are waiting for your chance with the doctor, you can engage in...
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