7 things you didn’t know about epilepsy

7 things you didn’t know about epilepsy

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Of all the information on this condition, the most common thing you probably know is that its manifestation is seizure, which is caused by an abnormal firing of neurons. Aside from that, did you know whether it can be cured or not? How about the color for epilepsy?
5 Sep 2016 - General
There are broad classification of epilepsy and epileptic syndromes. You can find them in any neurology text book. But in my life as a doctor I have seen two types of patients. Epilepsy that can be controlled, and epilepsy that are resistant to treatment. Generally speaking epilepsy cannot be cured, unless there is a specific etiological factor that can be corrected, like an uncomplicated brain space occupying lesion, or electrolyte disturbance. Although it cannot be cured, a fairly high percenta...
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