Weakness of Case-Control study

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6 Sep 2016 - General

Case-control design has its own disadvantages as well. Firstly, only one outcome can be studied (like presence or absence of a certain disease). (in cohort or cross-sectional study, we can study several outcome variables.) Secondly, the information available in case-control study is limited, and there is no direct way to estimate the incidence or prevalence of the disease, nor the attributable or excess risk. Case-control study is also susceptible to bias, mainly from two sources, which are the seperate sampling of the case and control, and the retrospective measurement of the predictor variables. Howerver, there are some strategies available to deal with the potential bias in case-control study.

Case-control studies have been criticised for their limitations and they have been labelled as level 3b or 3a in the levels of evidence chart. One must, however, understand that there are some situations where randomised controlled trials may not be possible, because of the excessively large number of cases that may be required or because of the extra-ordinarily long period of time required to accrue these cases. It also may be possible in certain situations that there may be certain questions o...
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