Severe Anaemia Secondary to what?

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6 Sep 2016 - General

I would just like to gather thoughts or opinions about my friend's aunt who has been in and out of the hospital recently. I think she has been in the hospital 6 times for the last 3-4 months and had blood transfusion everytime as HB is low. The only diagnosis that her doctors gave them was severe anemia. There is no active bleeding, had undergone endoscopy, erosions were noted but no other significant findings. What do you think would cause the Aneamia? It is tiring for her aunt's part to keep going in and out, and Im sure you can imagine the stress they are experiencing. She will be due for a colonoscopy in few days as well but appears to be getting weaker and refusing to eat her food lately. :( 

Hi all. I apologise for not being able to update this thread. To end all this, she was diagnosed with Colon Cancer, discharged against medical advise and few days after, passed away. :( Thank you very much for all of your advices, very much appreciated. Mark Edmon Tan Marinelle Castro ...
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Kathleen Peralta I was thinking of the possibility of blood dyscrasia as well. I wonder if a fecal occult blood test was done. Usually this is a routine procedure with a low hemoglobin count to screen those with possible gastrointestinal bleeding. I agree with Marinelle Castro that a peripheral blood smear, red blood cell indices,...
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Kathleen Peralta She has to be worked up for blood dyscrasias, occult tumors or any chronic bleeding source, and chronic medical disease. Just curious if reticulocyte count was done at least to have a rough check on bone marrow activity? Its very easy to have a CBC with reticulocyte count done. Also it would be helpful to know other indices such as MCH, MCHC and MCV and a peripheral blood smear. Does she have oth...
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