The humble leech: A doctor’s oldest friend

The humble leech: A doctor’s oldest friend

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The use of medicinal leeches (hirudo medicinalis) throughout the ancient world is common knowledge, seen in ancient Egyptian carvings and it is still being used by doctors today. Technically, the leech is a segmented worm, related to the earthworm, and it can live on land, in freshwater and seawater. Most leeches are predatory, feeding on other invertebrates, but the medicinal leech prefers blood.
6 Sep 2016 - General
Maria Cristina Inserto I was about to say that leech therapy has a lot of benefits but would be a tough sell when I saw your comment haha. The sensation of having slimy creatures crawl and s...
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In some countries, you can buy leeches online---waaaaaaah! I don't think I can go through leech therapy. I will have to be sedated or not know what's happening (because I am knocked out or something). In a life or death situation, I will cons...
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I was in Malaysia and Indonesia recently and noticed this leech therapy all around street shops and malls. It kind of gross me out to look at these leeches kept in a jar and looking at the people who are using it. especially putting the worms on thei...
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After watching Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events yesterday, I was intrigued with the article about the leeches. In the movie they were called Lachrymose leeches, they normally feed on small fish and crabs, but will devour human bein...
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