Understanding chronic fatigue syndrome and its link to healthcare professionals

Understanding chronic fatigue syndrome and its link to healthcare professionals

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As a characteristic chemical signature linked to chronic fatigue syndrome has been identified, this debilitating condition may finally be better understood and cured. But is CFS a looming threat for hectic professions such as healthcare?
6 Sep 2016 - General
One thing being in the healthcare industry is that all of us gets drained every single day. Not just mentally but physically as well. We use our brain energy to think fast, act fast and analyze fast at the same time using our physical energy to save lives especially in emergency cases. Just to share my experience in ED, in the resus room, ambulance did not stop coming in and we were so overwhelmed that we had to put up beds in between beds and corridors. All my staff including me could not go fo...
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As pointed out in the article, chronic fatigue syndrome is a feeling of persistent fatigue even with a good 8 hours of sleep. It may be analogous to overuse syndrome of musculotendinous units. Repeated stress, even low levels, will eventually catch up with a doctor's coping mechanisms and mentally drain the doctor. Chronic overthinking and repeated stressful situations can promote developing this syndrome. ...
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My work will not compare with yours (those who work in the hospital) I do not have long duty hours, but I work 6 days in a week and travel time to and from work is another source of stress. While we are able to properly schedule appointments most of the time, there are days when it feels as though I am doing hard labor for days. This is often true at the end of the month and last week, I was really quite exhausted, I sometimes fear I'd just crash--so I'd stop, slow down and try to recove...
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Chronic fatigue syndrome is an important factor to be taken into account when the health of a healthcare person is taken into consideration. As Alex has pointed out, non-recognition of this factor, may result into compromised patient care, which may have disastrous consequences. As resident doctors, most of the clinicians are subjected to excessively long working hours and most of them can easily bear with the work pressure since they are relatively young at that time. However, the real dangers ...
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I am constantly amazed by the energy level of healthcare professionals, whether doctors, nurses or pharmacists. I have doctor friends who go through 36 hour shifts or more regularly, while I have trouble staying awake for more than 24 hours at one go.

What is even more amazing is that some operations can last 10 hours or more. I can't even imagine standing up for 10 hours in a row, much less performing an operation with someone's life in my hands.

I'm not surprise...
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