Nuclear Pharmacy: What sets it apart from other pharmacy specialties?

Nuclear Pharmacy: What sets it apart from other pharmacy specialties?

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Many healthcare professionals are unaware of this specialty and have vague to no idea of the responsibilities of a nuclear pharmacist. In addition, many may have the preconception that dealing with radiopharmaceuticals carries a high risk of exposure to harmful radiation. In this article, we attempt to explore the pros and cons of being a nuclear pharmacist.
6 Sep 2016 - General
It is great to read articles about nuclear pharmacy as I am among the 25-30 pharmacists in Nuclear Pharmacy Service, Ministry of Health. In fact we have played vital rule in nuclear medicine department supporting nuclear medicine physician in providing clinical diagnostic and therapeutic services. So far we have yet having our own nuclear pharmacy department, instead we are operating as a unit under nuclear medicine department and administratively under pharmacy department. we are answerable ...
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This is the first time I have ever heard of this field. I never saw pharmacists that dispense radioactive medications in the nuclear medicine department. They are the unsung heroes in ensuring that the patient gets the appropriate medicine for the procedure. It would be very hard to decide on whether to pursue or forego an opportunity to become a nuclear pharmacist. On one hand, there is the prestige of becoming a specialist in an unsaturated field with very competitive salary. On the other hand...
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Nuclear pharmacy is indeed an interesting career choice for those pharmacists who want to take on a different field. Though very rare, as not all hospitals offer such a position and may not have facilities that require a nuclear pharmacist, the upside is that it offers a highly competitive salary compared to other fields since specialized training is required. Sometimes, those who choose to specialize are even sent to other countries for training. Here in the Philippines, nuclear pharmacy is sti...
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