Anti-depressants tied to increase in short-term anxiety

Anti-depressants tied to increase in short-term anxiety

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Depression and anxiety have been increasing in prevalence in the developing world. While anti-depressants have proven effective in reducing the intensity of these conditions, a new study shows that in the short term, these medications actually stimulate feelings of anxiety and fear.
6 Sep 2016 - General
Antidepressants are more prone to increase the anxiety level in young people and in females. It has been studied that a person who has been diagnosed to have depressive episodes are more prone tobe anxious after ingestion of antidepressants than in a...
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It bothers me that a drug that is supposed to help patients get through their depression may result to an equally serious mental condition. Here's to hoping that researchers and scientists find an alternative for those who are affected by anti-de...
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