Iloilo City woman tests positive for Zika virus

Iloilo City woman tests positive for Zika virus

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The Health Department said it is expecting more Zika cases in the country.
6 Sep 2016 - General
Yes Marinelle Castro I was surprised when the news said that there were Zika cases in the country as early as 2012. It was breaking news on Facebook and didn't have details, initially. I was eager to find out if she got it from a trip and she has brought it back with her, but she hasn't been travelling. I was relieved to find out that she wasn't pregnant, though. Anyway, yes I agree. I hope they get t...
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It is very alarming that Zika has again started to affect the individuals in Iloilo and Philippines, especially to pregnant women. It is very necessary to have awareness campaigns in the susceptible areas. It is highly needed to provide guidelines for prevention of this infection to the women’s hospitals in these countries. Aedes mosquito that is responsible for Zika virus infection must be avoided by using proper clothing and DEET-containing repellent to handle it. A complete guideline along wi...
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I wasn't aware that Zika has been diagnosed in the Philippines since 2012. I just hope that this disease gets controlled and will not be as prevalent as Dengue fever. Perhaps there's different strain in the Philippines compared to the strains found in other countries. Just wondering if anybody here knows of the locally approved brands of mosquito repellents. Just so we know what to advise our patients. Is there also a standard management or treatment algorithm released by our local healt...
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