Use dairy products to soothe sunburn

Use dairy products to soothe sunburn

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Here are some great tips to treat sun tan and sunburn using milk products to keep your skin healthy and smooth.
7 Sep 2016 - General
Living in the tropical zone zone of the world, people in the asian regions are exposed to a greater degree of sunlight persistently through most parts of the year compared to people in temperate and polar zones. Therefor we should be extra cautious to keep our skin from getting sunburns. Overexposure to sun is bad not only because it can cause sun burns. It also can increase one's chance of developing skin cancer like melanoma due to UV light exposure. There are several sun creams available ...
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Sunburns are more common in Summer because of high temperature, decreased humidity and more dangerous sun rays. There are various types of sunblocks available in the market that you must apply before your exposure to the direct sunlight. I think it is best to treat your skin with natural remedies and for sunburns dairy products are supreme. Whatever the area of your skin affected you can treat with milk and yogurt.
1. Take a compress and soak it into chilled milk, drain extra milk and put it...
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