The 5 arts that every healthcare professional should master

The 5 arts that every healthcare professional should master

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We often hear the phrase “the science behind everything”. When we talk about the science behind everything, it mainly deals with the question of how to do things. However, achieving great results requires you to know the art behind doing them.
7 Sep 2016 - General
Being in the health care field is such a stressful yet a very fulfilling job. The five points being mentioned are quite similar to wha has been taught to us way back in college years the art of CARE. Which means we need to be caring and compassionate when we deliver our care to our patients, touch them as if you are making a difference in their lives. Understanding their situation and empathizing with each circumstance. Second would be we must be accountable, be responsible with our actions and...
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It is not a day-to-day job where you throw patients and do for the sake of doing. It takes effort getting to know your patients and treating the symptoms. We always need to make patients and other feel comfortable and safe in our environment.
If you have disagreements, we should always deal with it professionally in order to keep peace and also not make things awkward in the setting. Compromising, we all have our personal life and should not mix it up with work. Work problems should not be b...
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Compassion is very important for a healthcare professional, first and foremost, because it makes us care for patients over and beyond what the job description describes that we do. I just posted a blog about empathy today and I said there, "It is seeing a patient more than his toothache, but we go to the depth of his complaint". Disagreements are very hard, but you will encounter this a lot, and we have to learn to agree to disagree---whether with a colleague or a patient. Perseverance...
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These are basic that all of us need to master. The art of compassion. As we go through our daily schedule, we learn to love our chosen profession. The more we encounter patients, the more we become compassionate with our chosen field. And I am glad to share that as I started to practice my career way back (i actually don't know why i took up nursing. Lol), I learned to love my profession deeply. The more people I helped, the more I am eager to continue my profession. Most especially when you...
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"The fact is that the medical profession involves more art than you may think."

It is important that healthcare professionals connect with their patients in a way that is more than just doing what science tells us.

In connection to number 1 (Art of Compassion), I remember once when my father was hospitalized, his doctors showed care not only to him, but also to us, his family. It made all the difference during those hard times.

It's one thing they assure ...
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