Health department kicks off anti-firecracker use campaign early

Health department kicks off anti-firecracker use campaign early

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In hopes that with more time to raise awareness among the citizenry the number fireworks-related injuries during the Christmas season can be drastically reduced, the Department of Health kicked-off its Aksiyon Paputok Injury Reduction (APIR) campaign in the Bicol Region.
7 Sep 2016 - General
There used to be many cases too in Malaysia and Singapore about people getting injured, mostly kids, while playing with firecrackers back in the days. But since our government banned the use of it, numbers has gone down drastically and made it safe for our community. I would support the PH government if they were to implement this. We must decrease the numbers of amputees and also raise up the safety level in our country. Once they was an explosion that was caused by a handmade firecracker whic...
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Ber months has just started, so as Christmas and New year is also coming which means firecrackers and pyrotechnics are also fast approaching. When I was a kid I am guilty of this using picollo, watusi, triangle and other firecrackers maybe that's one of the reasons too why I've developed asthma, being exposed to chemicals like this. Regarding the injuries of these, there's a lesser victim percentage in our locality. Firecrackers prices have gone up through the years and only a few ar...
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I have asthma. When I was younger, I used to always have asthma every January 1 because of the New Year's Eve fireworks party all over. In the last years, much has changed. We always spent New Year's at my grandparents because fireworks are not allowed in military camps (where we lived). Anyway, it was always zero-visibility for us on the way back home, but it has changed so much. Last year, in Alabang (our grandparents) firecrackers were already prohibited. It was amazing. Injuries have...
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I feel that the Philippines's Department of Health finally got it right. It is always better to start early in the battle against fireworks use to reinforce the perils of its use. Younger children can get poisoned when they are not guided properly. Also, asthmatics get acute exacerbation due to the smoke of fireworks. I really do not see the point of our own fireworks display. Our country would be better if people would just gather for a big fireworks display rather than contribute to noise...
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