Huge Australian catfish have started catching and eating mice

Huge Australian catfish have started catching and eating mice

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Researchers have confirmed that a population of catfish in Western Australia are catching and eating live mice, but they have no idea how they’re doing it.
8 Sep 2016 - General
Alan Rosmadi Yeah that's correct. Animals are becoming more and more intelligent, and when their natural habitat and lifestyle are affected they think of new ways to establish their existence on earth. Reminds me of the story of Godzilla. I wonder if this has anything to do with nuclear radiations, genetic mutations and secret research humans do to create creatures with enhanced abilities. They make good plot...
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Honestly, food for natural habitat are depleting beneath the sea and of cause animals have the natural instinct to hunt elsewhere for food. I think what happened here is that this breed of catfish are a little more intelligent than the rest to find their prey on land rather then just looking for food right where they are. shows that they are brilliant and smart animals that can think of options to survive. Although it would be very helpful if we could study the habits of these catfish from growt...
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I guess we are witnessing evolution of life on land all over again. :D At the very beginning, when life originated in the sea and the competition for food was getting too much, creatures that lived in the sea started migrating to the land and that ultimately ended up making who we are now. And now, apparently there is still too much competition for food among fish. :D That must be the reason why these catfish are trying to invade the land in search of mice. I really can't understand how they...
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