Paraquat poisoning: What you should know as a pharmacist

Paraquat poisoning: What you should know as a pharmacist

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Many would not know what paraquat is, especially those living in urban environments, but this chemical compound is critical to those relying on it for weed control. Paraquat is an effective, yet deadly pesticide and it is widely used in the agricultural sector. Similarly, Paraquat poisoning is also commonly encountered by any pharmacist working in the hospital.
8 Sep 2016 - General
Being a rural resident for many years I am hearing since from my childhood about paraquat spray that was sprayed in different fields to kill unnecessary herbs and weeds. It was also told that it is a poison that will cause your death so stay away from it. During my University years, my concept of its mechanism is cleared. When paraquat is ingested by human, it becomes concentrated in cells where it induces redox cycling. This processing created highly reactive free radicals and depletion of NADP...
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This is my first time to hear of Paraquat so I did a little bit of reading on it. Like other pesticides Paraquat's toxicity is reduced when diluted as used in spraying. This doesn't mean its safe to use but extra precautions have to be taken when using this in farming. Paraquat has been linked to the development of Parkinson's disease meaning that people who are exposed to this chemical over a long term could develop this. Death results from ingestion, inhalation or cutaneous contact...
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