Heroic nurses  from the past and present

Heroic nurses from the past and present

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In nurses, we have a special set of everyday heroes. We already love nurses for providing the human touch, kindness and empathy in an otherwise clinical environment, but nurses are not simply about making patients feel nice and cosy while in the hospital. Nurses are made of sterner stuff: lifesaving skills and the ability to keep a cool head in troubled and highly charged situations means nurses are secretly superheroes.
8 Sep 2016 - General
All stories, equally amazing, but I was touch the most by Edith Cavell's and Shin Kyo-yeon's stories. I've always been amazed at the dedication of health professionals who served at war times. I used to love Band of Brothers and if you watched it, you would've fallen in love with Doc and he was a true hero. But we're talking about nurses and Edith Cavell's story is truly heart warming but also heartbreaking because she was tried for treason. But Shin Kyo-yeon's story ...
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I am amaze by the bravery of Edith Cavell. I want to qoute what she said, “I can’t stop while there are lives to be saved”. I am pretty sure that all in the healthcare industry will help as long as someone needs help. But in her situation, putting your life at risk deserves an a appreciation. Very compassionate in helping others whether you are an allied soldiers or an enemy. She is the best example of a nurse whom we can look up to. Just like my friend working in other country. She keeps on tak...
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