Doctors: Discover these 8 alternative career paths

Doctors: Discover these 8 alternative career paths

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A growing number of medical doctors are quitting clinical practice in search of an alternative career. Here are some alternative career paths that doctors can follow.
9 Sep 2016 - General
Among the options that were presented in the article, I think going back to the academe appeals the most to me. Being able to teach and contribute to the specialty that I'm passionate about are some of my career goals. I think that clinical practice may eventually become monotonous and even boring without making further make advancements in the field. I've always envisioned my future medical practice to be 2/3 clinical (operating, hospital rounds, outpatient consults) and one third exper...
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I may not be a doctor, but I agree that there are a lot more career paths to pursue than private practice or in the hospital. My mom who is a doctor, works in public health, and once she gets out of the workplace, sidelines as a medical writer for various clients. The academe is also a great career path to take, as it also offers a lot of advancements and you get to train the next generation of health care professionals. I also agree with ...
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Nowadays, there are a number of different alternative career pathway for a fully qualified doctor. Apart from the 8 main alternative careers (hospital administration, public health, pharmaceutic medicine, academic medicine, insurance medicine, medical journalism, occupational medicine, and medical translator) mentioned in the articles, there are a few other interesting career pathways for doctor, like investment banker, politician, clinical or laboratory researcher, involved in business word or ...
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I have several dentist friends who have chosen to (perhaps not permanently) leave the practice to work in public heath, hospital/clinic administration or academic medicine. A few did not really like private practice, did not do well financially, and would rather have something more stable. Private practice is very much like being in business---it's bad sometimes, good sometimes, but it could very very good too. If you're not patient , especially in the beginning, you may not get to the p...
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