Comic of the day (9 September 2016): Catheter

Comic of the day (9 September 2016): Catheter

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9 Sep 2016 - General
Yeah i agree with you Dc Maria Cristina Inserto. For my experience with our patients, some of them refused to be inserted with the catheter. Some explained they feel umcomfortable when they have catheter though it is useful since you can relax and rest with out any need to go to the comfort room to pee. Some said its painful during insertion maybe because others have a prostate problem. Its advantageous to have a catheter if you are not able to do your activities in daily living. First, it can p...
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Awwwwwww... nobody wants a catheter. I remember when my dad was in the hospital, he was adamant about his decision to not get a catheter. After his angioplasty and this other time when he received a sedative (I forgot now for what) he was quite weak, but he refused it. He even doesn't want to go on the bedpan--he insists he can go to the washroom on his own. One time I accompanied him and just when we got there, he felt really heavy (dead weight heavy) and I knew we would fall. I stopped and...
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