Sharing On Social Media Actually Boosts Your Memory, Study Finds

Sharing On Social Media Actually Boosts Your Memory, Study Finds

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Ok, but do we really want to remember what we had for lunch last year?
9 Sep 2016 - General
I think that this is not because of social media per se, but the improvement in memory is associated with recalling events or remembering a picture, or writing about it. This can also work when using a personal diary or through creating a personal photo album. I have nothing against people who share stuff that they do, however sometimes its just too much. Some people have developed the compulsion of sharing too much information publicly. Its actually bothersome or even annoying to read about ran...
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Social media is like a public diary. Friends and family members will also remember your post if it is significant. My wife uses social media as her digital online album. Actually, it is a very efficient way to store photos without consuming precious memory space. It is also very convenient when retrieving photos. She actually remembers the dates when she posted all of the photos. It is amazing that the brain really burns the things we post in our long-term memory. A caution with use of social me...
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Months ago, I had a conversation with my cousin. I asked her what are her reasons why she keeps on posting on facebook. And this article really makes sense. Her reasons is to make her easily recall what she have done years, months or weeks back. By posting a photo, or by expressing her thoughts about what had happen makes her remember not all details but atleast most of the important ones. Now, I understand why most people tend to burst everything out in facebook. But for me, I rather i get diar...
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This makes perfect sense. And because I do, I sometimes remember events and dialogues verbatim, because I've written it on my blog. Since I went through it, I wrote about it and perhaps interacted with people about it---it gets recalled more. It is different compared to a fleeting event that you just let pass and then let go of. This is most especially true for image posts because the memory is perfectly tagged with an image that represents the said event. I mean, it's not just true for ...
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