Rutgers researchers disprove eating dropped food within safe five-second window

Rutgers researchers disprove eating dropped food within safe five-second window

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Turns out bacteria may transfer to candy that has fallen on the floor no matter how fast you pick it up.
10 Sep 2016 - General
I used to practice this safe five-second window until I entered medical school. A medical student simply could not afford to get sick, let alone through his/her own fault by getting GI problems through unsanitray practice. It was interesting to learn that moisture plays a role in infection. Moist foods harbor bacterial transfer faster as compared to dry food. As for the surface where food falls, it was surprising that carpet has the least transfer of bacteria to food. I always thought that carp...
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It is said that when you drop food, it is safe for consumption if you pick it within 5 seconds. But what we have to consider is the surface that the food dropped on, and the level of contamination in the surrounding. If you work in an air conditioned, regularly cleaned office room, and you drop your biscuit on the office table, you could pick it up half a minute later and it would still be not be contaminated. Whereas if you walk out in the street and you drop your fries, even if you pick is as ...
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“Safe five second window” is really common when we talk about eating of fallen food substances. It is well accepted that it is safe to eat the food dropped on floor when you pick up it immediately i.e. within five seconds. But recent researches have disapproved this notion because they have proved that mostly contamination takes less than one second to transfer. Researches has used different type of surfaces and food item and carried out culture growth on peptone buffer and tryptic soy broth. Th...
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