Be wary of clinics offering stem-cell treatment

Be wary of clinics offering stem-cell treatment

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Over 500 U.S. clinics are advertising unproven procedures, says Paul Taylor, but the FDA is moving to write new regulations to stop the practice
10 Sep 2016 - General
Nowadays, most people are being aggressive seeking help in in their health. Though, we heard alot of positive results in this regenerative treatment, sometimes, we need to make sure if it is scientifically tested based . Some opportunistic clinic must not used this state to deceived patients to received such treatment especially if it is not proven safe and effective. And for the patients alone who are going to received the treatment they should ask from others or do some research on where are ...
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Stem cell therapy is a highly sophisticated mode of treatment in medicine. It requires highly trained professionals with very sophisticated and expensive equipment. So just because a clinic says they offer stem cell therapy, one should not trust it without evidence. Stem cell therapy is known to give promising results. People achieve cure from illnesses that was never possible to cure with other known medical therapies. But, it has to be done right to give results. So before deciding to step in...
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