Obesity improves the survival of kidney malignancy patients!

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11 Sep 2016 - General

As you all know, obesity is a risk factor for all cancer types. But surprisingly, it has been proven out that being obese or overweight  will improve the survival rate in renal carcinoma patients. American Cancer Society has revealed that the old rule may have exceptions. They have done some studies and reported that patients who are found to be obese or overweight, with renal cell carcinoma have got their disease progression reduced with the time. They have found that those type of patients live approximately 09 months longer that the patients with low body mass index who are diagnosed to have renal cell carcinomas.

I think the reason why obesity is associated with longer survival rates among patients with renal cell cancer is because they have better energy source than non-obese patients. As you well know, patients with renal malignancy or any form of renal disease has to undergo strict dietary modifications such as low protein diets to prevent further renal damage by way of proteinuria. Because of this highly restrictive form of diet, (along with other specific restrictions like low potassium, low phospho...
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Cool fact about the possible benefits of being obese. I am curious as to why it contributes to a longer life span among renal cell carcinoma patients. Theekshana Abayawickrama There is another advantage of being obese which is less chance to develop osteoporosis. Wolff's law (by Dr. Julius Wolff) states that a bone will get stronger over time by way of remodeling when loading of the bone increases. Being obes...
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Seriously? That must be the one good thing I have heard about being obese. Being obese greatly increases the chances of one getting a countless number of diseases like diabetes, coronary artery disease, stroke, gastrointestinal malfunction etc. And this, 9 months of extra life when a patient is having renal cell carcinoma, is definitely not something to look forward to. Only a small percentage of the population develop renal cell carcinoma, but a majority get other common health effects mentione...
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