The Hunger In Our Heads

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11 Sep 2016 - General

It is well accepted that brain activity requires more energy than the physical activity. The brain has very less energy storing capacity therefore focused brain activity requires more often food consumption. When we talk about college students they require more bouts of thinking therefore requires more caloric expenditure leads to bodily hunger very soon after eating. When we have more brain activity and less physical activity it leads to overweight in most of college students because they eat more. Furthermore a research was also carried out for exercise and food habits. It was seen that strenuous activity increases the blood sugar and lactate (a by-product of intense muscle contraction) and increases the blood flow to the brain. It was interesting to see that brain only utilizes fuel rich blood during exercise and reduce the desire of overeating.



GLUT3, the glucose transporter for the neurons, is insulin-independent. It means that glucose will be trasnported to neurons regardless of whether there is sufficient or insufficient carbohydrate intake, This is the reason why allied healthcare professionals can still perform quality work even if it is way past lunchtime. As for college students who eat more due to supposedly higher brain activity, I think this is more of stress eating where eating provides a gratifying experience to alleviate ...
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Brain does control the hunger feeling in human. It is interesting to know that a busy and actively working brain will tell the body to eat more food, as it is insufficient of supply to keep the brain going. The article has given the example of college students who need to eat more due to the busy and active brain, may result in weight gain due to physical inactivity. The interesting study shown that exercise may increase the blood sugar and lactate in the circulating blood to the brain, which co...
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