Gas Gangrene

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11 Sep 2016 - General

Gas gangrene is the necrosis and putrefaction of tissues, and is associated with production of gas in the decaying tissue. Gas gangrene can be due to complication of surgery (rarely now due to sterilisation of surgical equipment), major trauma, or occur during military conflict. The classical organism associated in gas gangrene is clostridium perfingens, which is normally present in soil and in human and animal faeces. It can grow in anaerobic dead tissue, produce cytotoxin that spread into healthy tissue and kill them, to provide anaerobic environemnt for clostridium perfringen to spread into and grow. Gas gangrene is very rapidly progressive, and the systemic spread of bacteria and bacterial toxin may result in death. It is a surgical emergency, with immediate surgery to remove the dead tissue is required. Have anyone encountered this surgical emergency??

It is worthy to be aware of gas gangrene as it is a medical emergency. It is a bacterial infection that produces gases in tissues in gangrene. Usually gas gangrene is caused by a bacteria named Clostridium perfringens. This is called as myonecrosis where the necrosis of the muscle tissue takes place. This bacteria type secretes an exotoxin into the host tissues and destroys the surrounding tissue structure. It enters through a breakage of the skin. That was abandon during the war because combat ...
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