WATCH: Bacteria Invade Antibiotics And Transform Into Superbugs

WATCH: Bacteria Invade Antibiotics And Transform Into Superbugs

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We know that bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics, but we've never seen it happen. An MIT scientist figured out how to show bacteria surviving antibiotics and invading a giant petri dish.
12 Sep 2016 - General
I've seen the video and it is truly scary! Imagine that in only a short period of time, bacteria are capable of becoming resistant to higher and higher doses of antibiotics! The public really has to be educated about the prudent use of antibiotics. Also, I think many other industries that contribute to microbial resistance, like the agricultural industry that manufactures animal feeds that contain certain antibiotics, should also be regulated, since the meat we eat may contain traces of vari...
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This is interesting that antibiotics can create superbug instead of killing them. What is it? It is the result of antibiotic resistance. Antibiotics are used in treating infections caused by a variety of micro-organisms belonging to different classes. When antibiotics are reached to the site of infection they cease the growth of micro-organism weather on a cultural media or in the body. But continuous exposure to same antibiotics may lead to resistance development by a particular micro-organism ...
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