Mental health first aid app developed by college kids

Mental health first aid app developed by college kids

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To help college students cope with depression and other mental health disorders, two computer science students created a mental health first aid app that connects a peer in need of support with a counselor, anonymously.
13 Sep 2016 - General
This is really a helpful application for each and everyone. Not only for those with conditions mentally but also for just individuals who are undergoing a crisis in their lives. Most of the people nowadays need consultation and a shoulder to trust on for them to lean on. However due to the fear of vulgarity about their secrets in public, individuals just keep their problems to themselves without sharing to anyone. By developing this application, one can really be helped out anonymously and they ...
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This is a brilliant app. Once perfected an properly launched, I think this can be of great help to a lot of people, not just students. The problem with mental illness and depression is that either people do not want to recognize the problem, they are ashamed or afraid to seek help, or like in most health cases (they cannot afford to seek help). Talking to friends and family is good, but it often comes with a limit and also, there are times when revealing your problems to a person is hard. This a...
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Wow! This is definitely a great idea, and a good way to help those in need, especially since college students often go through a lot of stress that could trigger mental health problems. After having spent several years in the academe, I have encountered a number of cases where college students really need help. Though there is a guidance office available and there are peer counselors to talk to, many students who encounter psychological problems like depression, anxiety and difficulty coping are...
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