Where are the fault lines? A look at the causes and prevention of diagnosis errors

Where are the fault lines? A look at the causes and prevention of diagnosis errors

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When a patient visits a doctor, they seek a diagnosis of their condition to return to the path of wellness. While doctors are certainly merely human, the question remains: Why do diagnosis errors occur?
13 Sep 2016 - General
Some cases are too familiar, we almost autopilot. Of course we don't really, but I know you know what I mean. In the dental office, for instance, we have very routine work (cleaning, fillings, extractions, etc) that do not require deep investigation. I know that in the Medical field, regardless of the specialization, that the same is true. But then there are times when because things are too routine, you miss some details---or sometimes there are cases that really make you pause a while to t...
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Working in the Healthcare Industry is very crucial. If it may happen, like wrong diagnosis, it will put the life of the patient at risk. It is really vital to have keen assessment. As what other doctors do, they are requesting for other request such as laboratory testing, Xray, CT scan etc. just to make sure that the partial diagnosis is correct. I remember that our Doctors are working beyond their duty time sometimes they are working 3 days straight. Ofcourse, our doctors are just human being w...
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Diagnostic errors are very common in every region including Pakistan. It is the biggest reality that Doctors are also humans but they must take extra care while dealing their patients. A minor mistake in diagnosis can lead to lethal consequences to human health. The doctor must set the limit for daily consultations to avoid the rush of the patients and to minimize the daily prescription errors. The doctor must listen carefully the history of the patient to avoid the wrong diagnosis. Furthermore,...
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Human do make error, and doctors are human as well. But, working in healthcare care sector, we are dealing with the health and life of patients, and hence we should be extra caution in making a correct diagnosis, and to provide a proper treatment. There are a lot of factors mentioned in this article like the biases, external pressure, and prolonged working hour which can predispose the healthcare professionals in making errors in the daily jobs. But, we should be extra vigilance when treating ou...
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