How Happiness Affects Our Lives

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13 Sep 2016 - General

A life full of happiness is the best life on the earth as happiness can improve the quality of your life too much extent. A research was carried out to find out a link between the health and happiness, it was found that happiness exerts positive effects on our health up to DNA level and we can combat diseases more efficiently when we are happy. The happiness that affects our health positively is called Eudaimonic well-being while happiness related to superficial value and self-gratification is called Hedonic well-being. It is also found that happiness keeps away inflammation by preventing various infections and heart diseases. What is your point of view about a link between happiness and health? Do you think happy life improves the quality of life to some extent?





I believe that happiness helps improve the quality of life that one gets to enjoy. People have many basis for happiness, but for me, true happiness is being content. Whether you have plenty or much, it is about being satisfied. It is happiness that comes from within and not sourced from something superficial like money, clothing and so forth. I also believe that genuine happiness has the power to invigorate---and so people who are happy tend to be stronger against in the fight against diseases. ...
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Yes, I believe that happy life improves the quality of life. As what I have noticed retired people who lives with contentment and successful ones are the ones who actually have a less stress and fulfilled a pure, happy life. If you have lived a content life, less exposure to stressful circumstances or encountered a problem. Sure, we may encounter problems in our way but just like what Priscilla Mae Gobuyan had shared. We should not let our problems/ stress pull us down, instead lets bounce back ...
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I absolutely agree with this article. For me a happy life also means a wealthy life in terms of our health. I have a personal experience on this when their was a time that I felt like the Earth had poured all the troubles and problems to me, I was down and so helpless with the situation. Then there goes my health bugs down and was really hospitalized that time. The horrors of my past had really something to do with my development of this low immune system. As what the article has mentioned, happ...
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