Air Pollution May Increase Diabetes Risk, Says New Study

Air Pollution May Increase Diabetes Risk, Says New Study

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Air pollution exposure at the place of residence increases the risk of developing insulin resistance as a pre-diabetic state of type 2 diabetes. Long-term exposure to air pollution may increase the risk of developing type 2
13 Sep 2016 - General
Sounded unbelievable. But very useful content. Every single moment when I am through MIMS, I grab a piece of new knowledge. By the way, insulin resistance is the main characteristic of type 2 diabetes mellitus and the cause of the bunch of it's complications. In polluted air, nitrogen dioxide, carbonic micromolecules are present and they are found to increase insulin resistance in human tissue. Not only them but tobacco smoke is also found to increase insulin resistance. So it is advisable t...
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Priscilla Mae Gobuyan. This article revealed that there results were significantly affected by the air pollution. Let me qoute from the article. It says, "The study results revealed that people who already have an impaired glucose metabolism, so-called pre-diabetic individuals, are particularly vulnerable to the effects of air pollution." The respondents of the study consist of 3,000 participants coming from the City and others are from adjacent rural countries. Therefore, air pollutio...
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Really? What place is safe nowadays? There's none I guess. Everything that we eat, everywhere that we go will always predispose ourselves to every illness or condition. Poor us, our world is really polluted. All that we can do is lessen our exposure and lessen the chances that we can be from getting such illnesses. I guess what else I've wanted to see from this article would be how can the pollution in the air can increase our risk from getting such diabetes? I cannot barely see the conn...
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Air pollution in the philippines is really worse. The city is crowded by private cars, trucks, bus, taxi, public utility jeepneys, etc. and each one of it contributes to fatality of the air pollution. Especially when you are travelling by jeepney and experienced traffic for almost 3 hours. (A little bit exaggerated, but yeah sometimes it may happen. ;) Aside from lifestyle and genetic factors there is another contributing factor predisposes a patient to develop type 2 diabetes. This must be know...
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