Changing Face of Science: The Psychology of Face Transplants

Changing Face of Science: The Psychology of Face Transplants

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For patients, getting a face transplant is unlike getting any other type of transplant. With every glance in the mirror, the complicated psychology of self-identity is involved.
13 Sep 2016 - General
The reason why I aspire to be a plastic surgeon, is this. There is a social stigma surrounding plastic surgeons that all they do is spoil vanities of patients who can afford such procedures. But as what I would always say to other people, "When a person is dead, he is dead. But when a living person has to drag himself to live every damn day of his life even when he feels dead inside, isn't that worse?" I want to be that person that brings the life out of them, figuratively and aest...
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Thanks for sharing your experience Maria Cristina Inserto Traumatic injuries or illnesses that cause disfiguring scars really have psychological effects to patients. These consequences to mental health are more prominent if this happens to the face. The human face is an important component of one's identity and body image, and if this is altered patients may suffer from depression, anxiety disorders, and even ...
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The big dilemma with this is that in cases of face transplants patients are dealing with the physical, emotional, mental and social trauma brought about by the injury or disfigurement---and then they have to deal with the challenge of owning a new appearance (one that they do no recognize). The emotion will be coming from all directions and I really admire the spirit of those who are able to go through with it. "There are things worse than dying", how painful is that, to think that dyi...
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When I was a medical clerk, I remember that we have this patient who has been staying in the ward for two years. She has a very aggressive form of basal cell carcinoma, which basically invaded into subcutaneous and cartilaganous tissue. Basically she appears she is devoid of midfacial parts. Her nose, inner part of her cheeks and upper lip were all eaten up by the tumor. Her family could not stand seeing her and unfortunately she was abandoned in the hospital. How i wish we had the luxury of per...
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