Changing Face of Science: The Psychology of Face Transplants

Changing Face of Science: The Psychology of Face Transplants

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For patients, getting a face transplant is unlike getting any other type of transplant. With every glance in the mirror, the complicated psychology of self-identity is involved.
13 Sep 2016 - General
The reason why I aspire to be a plastic surgeon, is this. There is a social stigma surrounding plastic surgeons that all they do is spoil vanities of patients who can afford such procedures. But as what I would always say to other people, "When ...
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Thanks for sharing your experience Maria Cristina Inserto Traumatic injuries or illnesses that cause disfiguring scars really have psychological effects to patients. These consequences to me...
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The big dilemma with this is that in cases of face transplants patients are dealing with the physical, emotional, mental and social trauma brought about by the injury or disfigurement---and then they have to deal with the challenge of owning a new ap...
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When I was a medical clerk, I remember that we have this patient who has been staying in the ward for two years. She has a very aggressive form of basal cell carcinoma, which basically invaded into subcutaneous and cartilaganous tissue. Basically she...
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