Samsung is recalling 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones over exploding battery fears

Samsung is recalling 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones over exploding battery fears

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In what might be the biggest smartphone recall ever, Samsung has halted sales of some 2.5 million new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, amid ongoing reports that a flaw in the device's batteries is making them catch fire and explode.
14 Sep 2016 - General
I heard about this. This is really bad for Samsung indeed especially with iPhone 7 being released. To recall 2.5 million units will be really heavy financially. I am an iPhone user because my OCDness likes the simplicity. I although also have an S4 which I love for games and for its general diversity. I switched from using windows to apple about 6 years ago and I have come to appreciate this system more. ...
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I'm a Samsung user. I even have a Samsung watch that I love so much. Anyway, I feel really bad for Samsung. The other day there was a cruel meme on Facebook announcing the release of the iPhone 7 and it said something like, "It does not explode". OUCH! I have an iPad but I don't like the iPhone and I've always liked Samsung phones and I feel sad when the airlines one-by-one announced that they're not allowing Samsung Notes into flights. I understand, of course, it's...
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I hope none of you happened to be the few unlucky ones who got their phones exploded or burnt. Do any one of you at least buy one of these handsets? We\d like to hear about your experience with the phone so far. Galaxy note 7 was one of the couple mobile phones I was considering for an upgrade. But generally I do not go for an upgrade as soon as a phone is released, because the price drops rapidly after a few weeks and also, faults like this come into light only after a few hundred thousand peop...
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