Alcohol dependence is completely reversible!

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14 Sep 2016 - General

It has become a trend to consume alcohol at social functions where as some are addicted to alcohol. In USA, 87.6% of the people above 18 years are to be known to have alcohol at least once during the life time. Alcohol dependence is that increasing of the amount needed to gain the equal effect by alcohol. It has been found that the subset of neurones called amygdala's neurones play a substantial role in alcoholism. These nerves can be controlled by a laser using optogenetics. So if someone could identify a molecule target, it is described that new drugs can be modified targeting those molecules. 

Any form of addiction whether it be prohibited drugs, smoking, alcohol or gambling is reversible. On the neurological perspective its easy to say that this is possible due to neuroplasticity. However, I have yet to see a documented anatomical change in neural connections as a result of recovery from addiction. I think its reversibility lies in the determination of a person to change. It is difficult and more often than not, physiologic challenges (as an effect of addiction) are difficult to win ...
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It is good to know that Alcohol dependence is completely reversible. Bad news is people are getting more dependent on alcohol. Best way to stop/ treat alcoholism is to prevent people from reaching the point of being alcoholics. If observed that they rely on alcohol at an early stage, it would be good to start counselling to improve their lifestyle and help them live productive lives. In that way, we don't need to be opting for optogenetics, which I believe not very cost effective. Optogeneti...
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