Nurses, drink up: 6 reasons you should drink coffee everyday

Nurses, drink up: 6 reasons you should drink coffee everyday

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Stress, exhaustion and fatigue are all part of a nurse’s daily job. Here are six reasons why coffee is good for nurses, and how you can keep your body going strong with a good cuppa or two.
14 Sep 2016 - General
And doctors/dentists too. Hihi. I honestly believe in its capacity to fight off physical exhaustion. Sometimes when I'm very tired and already looking for a bed, a few sips of coffee will immediately perk me up. That's why I always want to start my day with a cup of coffee. Plus coffee (as long as you do not get the sweet frappuccinos etc) is low in calorie. I didn't know it's good for memory, so that's good to know. I consume just 1-2 cups a day, but I can go up to 4 on a bu...
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It is great to know that that drinking coffee do have a few health benefit to our body. Coffee is an essential drink for me. I would be consuming at least between 3-4 serving of coffee every day during the working hours. A nice coffee in the morning is a must, to start a busy day. It is a well-known fact that coffee can keep us alert, and reduce physical exhaustion. It is interesting to know that coffee may be good for our heart and keep us healthy as well. It is postulated that the antioxidants...
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Well, I agree that some coffee from time to time is a good treat as it refreshes your mood and enhances the daily physical and mental performance. However, I personally believe that by time I get tolerated to the caffeine I am taking daily and it becomes like drinking water in efficacy and only drinking coffee to avoid the headache that occurs to me if I don’t drink my daily cup of coffee”caffeinism”!! I admit it sounds strange but it is true for me. Depending on caffeine is never good for healt...
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