Zinc Deficiency Symptoms | Reader’s Digest

Zinc Deficiency Symptoms | Reader’s Digest

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Zinc is responsible for promoting proper growth, healing wounds, and preventing blood clotting. Here are clues you might not be getting enough zinc.
14 Sep 2016 - General
The main reason of Zinc deficiency is poor dietary intake and the others are poor absorption, increased utilization, increased loss or a chronic disease contion.Though it is a micro nutient, when it becomes deficient, it generates a bunch of symptoms. It affects several systems. In the skin the deficiency causes acne, scaling of the skin. Angular stomatitis, chelitis, mouth ulceration are oral manifestations. Night blindness is also a Zinc deficiency symptom. Zinc deficiency causes immunosuppres...
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I agree that trace elements are often overlooked by healthcare providers. However, if one's diet is adequate and balanced, I don't think that there's any need for nutritional supplementation. Zinc supplementation is usually indicated in cases of diarrhea. It has been found to reduce the duration and severity of diarrheal episodes and the likelihood of subsequent infections for 2–3 months. In the Philippine market, there are available supplements for the pediatric age group. Its given...
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I think most of us overlooked on one important vitamin that is vital in our bid which is Zinc and could be easily consumed with meat seafood and beans. Looking at the side effects of zinc deficiency, it is quite bad and could be avoided. But what is you are overloaded with Zinc? Would it cause to to have constipation? increased in appetite? Silky smooth skin? If it does how do we control our zinc intake so we know when to stop? Or whether we need more? I take in a lot of chicken and beans, but i...
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Zinc, that is probably one thing we are least concerned about. We talk about the daily vitamin requirement. Calorie requirement. Fat, carbs and protein intake. We control the amount of sugar in food, and try to avoid junk food. We are even concerned about the amount of salt we add to the diet. But how often do we say, 'I need zinc so I should eat food with more zinc'?' But an adequate intake of zinc is very important to keep physiological functions in the body in balance. Here is an ...
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